From Under A Rock & Barry Reid Electric

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Ventura county fair a 2ed and 3ed place not as good as 2011 but not shabby.Thousand  Oak ART FEST. sep.21 &22. in front of TO PERFORMING ARTS PLAZER or city hall  

Call for any work you need, and send links to shows that you would like to see me in!


Barry Reid is a brilliant sculptor and is looking to share his talent and brilliant work with the world.  

To learn about the artist, please visit the About page, where you can learn all about his life as an artist, and his electrical work.

See his artwork in the Photo Gallery!  Photos will be updated with a new camera very soon, just be patient and enjoy the masterpieces. 

 If you see a work that you like, please contact Barry Reid, and he will give you all of the information you may need to buy the artwork.  And if you have any information about a new show coming up that you would like to see Barry Reid in, please send the information! It would be very much appreciated.

And, also, if you need any electrical work, contact as soon as possible!   

For any upcoming gallery shows, visit the Calender.

Barry Reid also has an electrical company called Barry Reid Electric.  For more information, visit these links:

Residential electric

Industrial Electric